Cutting ammonia emissions ahead of new rule with digestate storage

29th July 2018

With the new environmental considerations and proposals for the clean air announced earlier this year, farmers across the UK may be confused about how they can manage their slurry and digestate product in line with the new regulations. The focus...

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How to optimise your agricultural services and ensure ROI

9th July 2018

Agricultural services are vital to keeping your farm running smoothly and achieving ROI. It is important to ensure that all of your farming processes are optimised in line with changing seasons and crop nutritional requirements throughout the year, alongside considering...

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Effective digestate management

5th July 2018

The use of digestate on farms has increased in popularity in recent times, due to the overarching benefits to the land which can lead to accelerated crop production and the cost-efficiency that it offers farmers in comparison to artificial fertilisers....

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Why should you consider digestate storage or slurry tanks?

25th June 2018

The benefits and cost savings associated with digestate have been increasingly documented over the past few years. Utilising digestate spreading over compound fertiliser has been found to allow farmers to gain more grazing days where they have utilised a modern...

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