Using farming services to help with livestock management in the winter

13th November 2019

As winter draws nearer and the days get considerably shorter, the priorities of farmers will shift towards livestock management and field ploughing. Throughout November and December, fields begin to deteriorate as grass stops growing due to the cold temperatures and...

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What is contract farming?

22nd October 2019

More and more landowners are now opting to invest in contract farming to achieve all of their agricultural needs. Ranging from estate and livestock assistance to land expansion, a farming contract can serve as an effective short or long term...

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3 ways to prepare your farming services for 2020

10th October 2019

If you want to maximise the chances of success with your land and livestock in the new year, the key is to get ahead with preparations in autumn.  Now that harvests no longer dominate your time, your attention has probably...

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Could the use of farm machinery hire be a more cost-effective solution for busier periods? 

23rd September 2019

For many, purchasing expensive farming equipment to supplement their fleet just for the busier times of the year isn’t a solution that makes financial sense. This is why farm machinery hire has become the go-to solution for the budget-savvy farmer....

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