How agricultural contractors can help maintain productivity during COVID-19

28th July 2020

There’s no denying that the past few months have been particularly tumultuous for farmers across the country. As we’ve said in the past, as an industry, agriculture is no stranger to adversity. When faced with the biggest challenge of living...

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The importance of choosing the right rabbit proof fencing for farmers

16th June 2020

Rabbit proof fencing is becoming increasingly popular within farms of all sizes as more and more farmers invest in protecting their grounds and crops. Especially during the ongoing coronavirus crisis, many farmers are using this time as an opportunity to...

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How can fertiliser spreading benefit your farming services?

19th May 2020

When it comes to the development of healthy crops, fertiliser is essential for guaranteeing successful yields.  When used correctly, fertiliser can help reintroduce chemicals and essential nutrients lost as a result of previous years. Here at AWSM Farming, we offer...

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Protecting your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak

24th April 2020

Currently, the world as we knew it just a few short weeks ago no longer exists. Remember handshakes? They’re a thing of the past – for now, at least. As an industry, agriculture is used to adversity. From extreme weather...

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