What are the benefits of contract farming?

16th October 2020

Contract farming; joint ventures between farmers and contractors have rapidly increased in popularity in recent years. It is worth noting that a contract farming agreement is not a partnership, it is merely a joint venture between two parties; the farmer...

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The growing concern of microplastics in farming

29th September 2020

No matter how you look at it, the impact of microplastics in farming is still largely unknown. It is estimated that, in a kilogram of soil, there can be over 40,000 microplastic particles. The majority (up to 92%) of these...

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How can crop spraying contractors benefit your agricultural services?

19th August 2020

Crop spraying is a fundamental part of modern agriculture. First used in North America in the early 1920s, the process has evolved significantly in recent years. Traditionally, crop spraying was known as ‘crop dusting’, and was applied using planes. Thankfully,...

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How agricultural contractors can help maintain productivity during COVID-19

28th July 2020

There’s no denying that the past few months have been particularly tumultuous for farmers across the country. As we’ve said in the past, as an industry, agriculture is no stranger to adversity. When faced with the biggest challenge of living...

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