AWSM Farming Ltd has expanded steadily, and in addition to its own farming enterprises now manages a substantial acreage either on land that’s owned or rented, or on contract farming agreements. Arable land is farmed with our extensive fleet of machinery.

We believe in offering a bespoke service that meets our customers’ needs & expectations. We can offer some unique solutions to modern farm management.

Many of the farms we have taken on have had grassland as well as arable rotations, AWSM Farming have been unique in being able to work with land owners on a complete farm approach as we have a large sheep flock of breeding ewes, a suckler cow herd with followers, and 1600 fattening pigs which are all looked after by full time members of staff. Having livestock as well as a fleet of machinery enables us to manage whole farms instead of just wanting to farm arable acreages like many of our competitors. Plus the nutrient rich manure from the livestock helps us grow good yielding crops and improve soil structures.

AWSM Farming aims to maximise the return from our own and clients’ crops. We operate a sustainable approach to farming and the environment. We pride ourselves by investing in the latest high quality equipment and machinery. Complemented by our highly skilled and experienced workforce we gain optimum crop and livestock production results within a cost effective system.

Soil sampling is routinely carried out to assess what nutrients are available to the growing crops and fields are treated on an individual basis, and in some cases we GPS soil map the fields on a 1 hectare grid basis to build up a detailed view of soil nutrient variations across fields. Then with our GPS variable rate equipment like our KRM weigh cell fertiliser spreader and our GPS variable rate Accuspread lime spreader we treat the fields with a variable rate approach enabling us to even up yields.

All our combines are fitted with yield mapping software so we can pin point the higher and lower yielding areas to enable us to adapt our approach to different areas of the field.

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