For over 20 years, AWSM Farming Ltd has been steadily expanding. In addition to the AWSM Farming Ltd enterprises, we now manage a substantial acreage of land across the UK. This covers both owned and rented land, or land where we provide an agricultural contract farming service.


Farming & agricultural services


We offer bespoke agricultural services that aim to meet our agricultural customers’ needs and cover a broad range of solutions for modern farm management. AWSM Farming Ltd strives to achieve the best results across all of the agricultural projects we undertake, whether these are isolated projects or ongoing management.

At AWSM Farming Ltd, we specialise in managing arable rotations and grassland. We offer a unique approach, by being able to work with landowners to provide a complete farm overview approach.


Livestock farming


Our livestock knowledge is second to none, with extensive experience managing large numbers of a range of animal stock. We continue to oversee farming management of large sheep flocks of breeding ewes, suckler cow herds with followers and fattening pig stocks of over 1500. Our machinery offering complements our extensive agricultural and livestock knowledge. The expansive AWSM Farming fleet enables us to effectively managed whole farms, rather than isolate our services to singular sections.

Alongside the ability to farm arable acreage, we can integrate out livestock knowledge and services with our agricultural offering to provide nutrient rich manure. This product benefits our agricultural services through encouraging the growth of a strong yield and improve the soil structures. Our full-service farming approach, allows us to provide an edge on our competition, offering a complete farming solution.

Our sustainable approach to farming and the environment aims to maximise both the return on our own and our clients’ crops. Through investing in the latest high-quality machinery and equipment, we strive to offer an approach to farming that is both economical and utilises our facilities to maximise efficiency.


Farming workforce


Our experienced and highly skilled workforce, benefit from years of experience, to deliver a solution that is tailored to your farming service requirements. Our cost effective system ensures that our staff are trained in the latest technologies and skills to provide agricultural services of the highest standard, including optimum crop and livestock production.

Our full-time members of staff are also fully trained in caring for animal livestock across all scenarios, ensuring the best treatment of your animals.


Technology in farming


At AWSM Farming Ltd we strive to lead the way in technology supported farming, to yield the best results. Our soil sampling services are used to assess the nutrients available in the ground, which in turn can determine the crops that can be grown in those fields. These tests can also provide us with valuable information such as how to treat and manage the individual fields for efficient and optimum yields.

GPS soil mapping is carried out within fields on a one-hectare grid basis, and this allows us to build up a detailed view of the soil nutrient variations across a group of fields, without the need for lengthy soil evaluations.

Using our GPS variable rate equipment, such as our KRM Weigh Cell Fertiliser Spreader and our Accuspread Lime Spreader, we can treat fields with a variable rate approach, that can encourage an even yield.

With the addition of yield mapping software, which is fitted to all of our combines, we can identify variations in yield in individual areas, to enable a flexible approach to treat the different sections of the land.

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