Slurry Injecting

Challenger Terragator 2244 NMS Self Propelled Slurry Injecting Machine

Shallow Injection of Slurry allows upto 90% of the available Nitrogen to be utilised.

Our system enabled slurry to be applied evenly over the whole field, and allows further away fields to be applied to. We sample the slurry 1st and send it away for laboratry analysis to establish exactly what nutrient content the slurry has, then from the results we can decide on an application rate for the field depending on crop and the time of application.

We lead the slurry from the store to the Terragator in the field using purpose built road tankers behind tractors. They can fill in just over 3 minutes via the loading arms and carry 16 cubic meters (3500 gallon) Once the tractor and tanker reaches the field the Terragator attaches it’s loading arm to the tanker and fills itself in under 2 min!

  • Even Application to the Whole Field
  • Access All Fields
  • Very Low Ground Pressure Due to ‘Dog Walk’ Field Steering Mode
  • High Capacity System
  • Helps Reduce Use of Expensive Artificial Fertilisers

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