Manure Spreading

Manure spreading is a large part of AWSM Farming services.

In addition to spreading farm yard manure we also handle poultry manures, composts, industrial by products, and bio soilds. We have an extensive fleet of spreaders ranging from vertical beater K Two rear discharge spreaders through to our Challenger Terragators with Tebbe spreading bodies complete with weigh cells.

With ever increasing regulations and customers wanting to make better use of the available nutrients in manures we have invested in spreaders with weigh cells and computer controlled application rates so even application rates can be achieved.

An increasingly popular timing for manure application is in the spring onto growing arable crops and our spreaders are equipped with low ground pressure tyres, weigh cells with on board computers and large diameter spreading discs enable manure to be spread evenly and accurately with the minimum of damage to growing crops.

To load the spreaders we use telehandlers, loading shovels, and 360 excavators. All are equipped with large buckets to ensure the spreaders are loaded quickly to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

Please contact us for prices which can be on a fixed price per ton basis or per hour whichever is preferred.


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