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The economic effects of utilising digestate spreading and storage

16th August 2018

Digestate spreading is a method of fertilisation that revolves around the application of digestate, a nutrient-rich product that is formed through anaerobic digestion. Digestate is made up of a mixture of indigestible material and deceased microorganisms, as opposed to compost, which is formed using anaerobic microorganisms and requires oxygen.

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Optimising your digestate spreading and storage tactics

2nd August 2018

Spreading digestate on land has been recognised across the industry as promoting crop growing capabilities, offering high levels of nitrogen and proving a great alternative to artificial fertilisers. Ahead of spreading digestate, it is important to understand how this product will work in tangent or replace your current fertilisation

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Cutting ammonia emissions ahead of new rule with digestate storage

29th July 2018

With the new environmental considerations and proposals for the clean air announced earlier this year, farmers across the UK may be confused about how they can manage their slurry and digestate product in line with the new regulations. The focus of the changes aims to improve the overall quality

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How to optimise your agricultural services and ensure ROI

9th July 2018

Agricultural services are vital to keeping your farm running smoothly and achieving ROI. It is important to ensure that all of your farming processes are optimised in line with changing seasons and crop nutritional requirements throughout the year, alongside considering environmental changes. You may also be able to utilise

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