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Agricultural contracting: The benefits of utilising local digestate storage in 2020

14th January 2020

Are you planning on joining the growing number of farmers making the switch to digestate in 2020? As we covered in our last blog, there are many benefits to implementing digestate solutions on your land. From increased crop growth, improved soil quality and enhanced local ecosystems, digestate can be

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How agricultural contracting can help maintain the productivity of your farm this winter

9th December 2019

Winter can be a tough time of year for farmers; more extreme weather conditions and shorter days can make preparing for the year ahead hard work, and it may be that your farm could do with a helping hand to keep on top of productivity. This is where agricultural

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What is contract farming?

22nd October 2019

More and more landowners are now opting to invest in contract farming to achieve all of their agricultural needs. Ranging from estate and livestock assistance to land expansion, a farming contract can serve as an effective short or long term solution. For over 20 years now, AWSM Farming has

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3 ways to prepare your farming services for 2020

10th October 2019

If you want to maximise the chances of success with your land and livestock in the new year, the key is to get ahead with preparations in autumn.  Now that harvests no longer dominate your time, your attention has probably turned towards preparing your land and livestock for the

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