Haylage, Silage, Straw & Other Feedstuffs

Each year we have a wide range of feedstuffs for sale.

These include:

  • Haylage – These bales are made predominantly for the equine market. They are the highest quality wrapped bales and contain the best grass from new grass lays.
  • Silage – Either square or round. These have been baled with sheep and cattle in mind. There is a range of chopped (in rounds) or non-chopped.
  • Straw– Again, there is a choice of square or round bales. These can either be wheat or barley.
  • Fodder Beet – Available after it has been lifted in November and is a very palatable alternative for livestock with sheep, dairy cows and fattening cattle all doing well on it.
  • Wheat and Barley – We sell wheat and barley in any quantity to suit your needs, and we have a roller bruising mill machine available if required

All types of bales or feed can be delivered, and if needed can be unloaded and stacked for you.

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