What is haulage?

Haulage is the commercial transport of goods, a critical element to agricultural services and farming management. To ensure your farm is running smoothly, you will often need to bring in goods, such as feed, hay and machinery.

Heavy haulage

Heavy haulage allows you to transport large items required to maintain your farm and in some circumstances where you may need to bring in specialised farming equipment. Heavy haulage typically involves a combination of heavy haulage vehicles, including semi-loaders, loaders and dolly systems. These are then used to configure how the vehicle is constructed and result in the ability to make arrangements to transport various sized loads.

Heavy haulage also requires a management system to organise the movement of goods and machinery. This aspect is very important within this particular agricultural service, as it ensures safety and care when transporting farming goods. Securing an agricultural service provider who will manage your heavy haulage requirements, will ensure that your equipment or products are delivered on time and on budget.

Agricultural logistics

Agricultural services can integrate haulage into regular farming practices, which have been outsourced to providers such as AWSM Farming. Whether you need to transport crops and livestock regularly to buyers, or import resources to use on your farm, our haulage services can support your everyday services.

Articulated vehicles

AWSM Farming articulated vehicles are fitted with a pivot joint, with the choice of either permanent or semi-permanent. This addition allows the vehicle to manoeuvre and turn more sharply, to allow for better mobility.

Our selection of articulated vehicles and wagons include:

  • Bulk tipper
  • Arctic vacuum tanker
  • Low loader
  • Ejector trailer
  • Curtainsiders
  • Flatbed trucks

Hook lift trailer

Hooklift trailers offer an efficient agricultural service solution for managing the transportation of grains and further products. Alongside moving raw products, our eight wheeler hook lift trailer is ideal for transporting skips and tankers, of various sizes. The hook lift trailer also eliminates the need for additional tractors or trailers, to transport extra loads. Instead, the hook lift trailer enables the attachment of different sized bodies, in order to meet an array of agricultural needs.

Our Eight Wheeler Hook Lift Wagon can include:

  • Skips in various sizes
  • 3000-gallon vacuum tanker complete with jetter
  • Flat skip
  • Flat plant skip
  • Skip with built-in hiab

Rigid flatbed vehicle

Our rigid flat beds come complete with hiabs to ensure they are adaptable to your various requirements. ‘Hiab’ is the term given to the abbreviation of Hydrauliska Industri AB, a corporation founded in Sweden 1944 by Eric Sundin. These mobile and often demountable cranes can be mounted on one of our vehicles or trucks. The four core styles of mobile cranes are; rough-terrain, floating, crawlers and mounted.

Our haulage fleet

Our fleet offers a complete haulage agricultural service, from articulated wagons, transporters and hiabs to support in lifting products. At AWSM Farming, we strive to offer our clients access to top quality services and vehicles, in order to outsource their requirements to one trustworthy provider. If you can’t find the haulage vehicles you are looking for, then please get in touch with AWSM Farming today.

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