Cultivation Work and Drilling


We have a full range of cultivators available to handle all soil types and conditions.

Our range includes:

Vaderstad Topdown – The topdown has a set of discs, auto reset legs, some levelling star wheel disc, and a steel packer to the rear. This can be used with a variety of width points and wings to suit conditions. Optional Biodrill can be mounted on the rear and the seed dropped in front of the rear packer for establishing Oil Seed Rape in one pass which is useful when timings of sowing are critical.

Vaderstad Carrier – The carrier has a set of disc, a levelling board and a steel packer roller to the rear. This has proved particularly useful following the plough in medium conditions to prepare a seedbed for the Vaderstad Rapid Drill or to improve conditions ahead of the combination drill helping increase work rates. It can be used to cultivate stubbles to get a chit of plants so a stale seed bed can be created.
Vaderstad Rexius Twin Press – The rexius has heavy tines at the front, a heavy duty levelling board, and a heavy duty twin cast ring press to the rear. This cultivator is very good a knocking heavy land and ploughing into shape for the drills.

Terratech 3 leg auto reset subsoiler – The subsoiler has 3 auto reset legs spaced at 100cm fitted with the same points as the Sumo subsoiler, followed by a heavy duty packer roller.This can be operated at a range of depths up to 45cm depending where your compaction area lies. We have a Dickie John penotrometer to asses compaction depths if you require. This machine proves particularly useful for sorting compaction out following the wettest summer on record!

Ploughing – We have 5 furrow vari width ploughs with auto reset bodies on which can be operated by a medium size tractor and we find them manoeuvrable enough for our average field size.


image descriptionAWSM Farming Ltd offer 3m or 4m powerharrow combination drilling with our latest purchase being a new Amazone combination drill with heavy duty disc coulters which allow even seed depth placement even in tougher soil conditions. A front linkage mounted press is available for consolidating ploughing or helping achieve a seedbed after a
A Vaderstad Rapid RD400S is also used which is capable of covering large acreages in a day. It is fitted with system discs on the front allowing this drill can either be used directly or following the plough or cultivator. Slot seeding of grass is also possible.

All drilling is carried out with tractors fitted with flotation tyres and GPS automatic steering systems accurate to within 5cm allowing overlap to reduced to a minimum and tramlines spaced more accurately meaning subsequent fertiliser and spray applications are accurately applied due to less overlap.


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