Crop Spraying

We operate a Bateman RB35 self-propelled machine with 4000 litre tank and boom configurations from 12m up to 24m or 28m if required. Either flotation tyres or row crop wheels can be fitted to suit the crop and ground conditions. This machine is equipped with the latest technology such as GPS guidance, auto 8 section boom shut off, and auto boom hight sensors, which all allow us to apply products extremely accurately and efficiently.

A second trailed 24m 4000 litre sprayer is on hand to back up the main self-propelled in busy times to allow us to meet key timings of product application.

All sprayers are NSTS tested and certified each year and operated by qualified and experienced operators.

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Quad bike spraying, nap sack spraying, and a 1200 litre boom less sprayer which can spray 6m wide are also available for the harder to reach parts that require treating for example steep hills, small paddocks, and even bracken on moorland can be done.

We have large water tanks around many areas we operate in or a water bowser can be supplied to supply the sprayer.

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