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AWSM Farming Ltd operates across the North of the UK, to offer an extensive offering of farm machine hire, recycling operations, and agricultural contracting services. Based in both North Yorkshire and County Durham, AWSM Farming provide machinery and services to cover all of your agricultural contracting requirements.


The AWSM farm & utilities

AWSM Farming was first established in 1996, by Adam Metcalfe, during which time he took over the running and agricultural operations of the 265-acre family farm, based in Dalton Fields, North Yorkshire.

The business was originally conceived when Adam purchased a second-hand crop sprayer, after identifying a need for crop spraying in the area, with no current agricultural contracting services in the area able to accommodate his requirements. From this, Adam grew AWSM Farming to offer further agricultural work required in the area, including; fodder beet, drilling services, and harvesting operations.

From here, the business grew to support a growing workforce of 20 full-time employees to support the growing agricultural contracting service offering, managing a substantial acreage under a number of contract farming agreements.

Due to rapid expansion and continued development of the businesses agricultural contracting service offering, AWSM Farming moved to nearby Lane Head, North Yorkshire. This location allows the business to provide a wider range of contract farming services and farm machine hire options, from the much larger and centrally positioned site.

The site has benefited from the recent addition of two new grain storage facilities, complemented by a 45-tonne Allmet grain dryer, expanding the agricultural contracting services offering. AWSM Farming has also recently installed a certified weighbridge, which allows for accurate weighing and loading of farming supplies such as those required for spreading.  

With plans to expand the current site further, AWSM Farming look to provide an even wider range of agricultural contracting services through growing our existing fleet to expand the options for our farm machine hire. Planned growth both within human resource and a workshop and office expansion will allow us to extend our product and agricultural contracting service offering.

What is contract farming?

Contract farming involves the sourcing of agricultural contracting work to be performed by a third-party on the basis of an agreement between the client and the farming professionals. Contract farming allows the client to specify quality required and price, with the farming professionals agreeing to deliver on the agreement by a proposed date. Agricultural contractors are able to offer a high level of management expertise and extensive knowledge of the farm machinery, storage advice, and labor techniques.

AWSM Farming can cover all farm machine hire requirements to perform a number of contract farming activities and perform operations to the highest standard. With a wide selection of farm machinery available, including bailing machinery, compactors and tractor hire.

Our services

AWSM Farming pride ourselves on our high-quality, agricultural contracting services and our ability to offer a wide range of the latest farm machinery for hire. Our services cover a wide range of farming requirements, including;

  • Whole farm contracting
  • Slurry and digestate application
  • Manure and organic waste spreading
  • Crop spraying
  • Fertiliser and lime spreading
  • Cultivations and drilling
  • Combining and grain haulage
  • Grain drying and storage
  • Farm machine hire


Services vary from season to season and with our expert agricultural contracting knowledge, we can advise on the most appropriate services to suit your needs and when best to perform specific operations.

If you are seeking a service that is not yet listed on our site, please contact us for further advice.

Locations Covered

AWSM Farming performs agricultural contracting services in the North of the UK. AWSM predominantly operates withing a 60-mile radius of our base, in North Yorkshire, however, we have sufficient transport to travel nationwide, where required. Over the past year, we have performed agricultural operations from as far North as Glasgow, to as far South as Dorset on the coast. To ensure we are able to offer a specific service in your area, please contact us for further advice.


AWSM Farming offers a wide range of agricultural services to fit your requirements, including combining, swathing, drilling, spraying and spreading. Contract farming covers agricultural operations and machinery hire, in order to provide our clients with a high quality and fully managed services. Our highly experienced team can determine the level and type of service required, to fit your planned agricultural operation.


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